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Life Change at NEO

Life Change at NEO!

God changes people.  He saves, rescues, redeems, and transforms lives. This is the kind of transformation that only happens if God is at work, he gets all of the credit.  We're thrilled that God is using NEO as part of his work making people more like Jesus Christ - so when it happens we want to celebrate it, talk about it, and give God all the glory for it.  Take a look at what He's doing in a few videos we've put together. This month we're highlighting Wayne Drummond one of our NEO Elders who describes the brokenness that he faces day by day as a police officer.

"The Past is Forgotten" (Wayne Drummond)

A former Police Commander recalls the broken people he’s come across in his career, and the hopeful message he left for one such woman.


"He Carried Us Through" (Berto & Jen Arroyo)

Berto and Jennifer share about how the Lord carried their family through a difficult time, giving them strength and a deeper faith as a result.


"We Never Knew What to Expect" (Martin and Emily Hale)

Martin and Emily’s journey towards marriage started began when they met in a nightclub.


"As Long as We Have God First" (Nate and Amberlee Taylor)

Nate and Amberlee Taylor remember keeping God first and His faithfulness in providing them a business and a family together.

"In His Own Time" (Dan and Amy Bednar)

Dan and Amy Bednar share how the Lord weaved their two lives together in a way neither one could have imagined.

"We Asked God, Why Cancer?" (Mike and Jackie Tanko)

Mike Tanko reveals the battle with cancer that should have taken his life, but instead led to new life.