Neo Church

Finding God’s Favor in our new home!

  • Scripture: Exodus 23:20-32

  • Speaker: Pastor Jeremy Johnson

  • Date and Time: 11/17/2019


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November 17, 2019
Finding God’s Favor in our new home!



This is the first sermon in our new home! Thank you Jesus for our home!

It’s easy to be excited in the midst of a transition that only lasts for a short while. What will keep us going for the long haul? How do we make sure we don’t get stagnant? As we look at the transition from Moses to Joshua we learn a critical lesson that Israel failed to learn. We must carefully obey Gods word and his voice as He leads us. As for our house, our church – we must serve the Lord!

Exodus 23:20-32
1 Cor 12:12-14
Joshua 24:14-15


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