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DNA sermon series


DNA Sermon Series

God saw all that He had made, and it was very good.”

 - Genesis 1:31


About the Series:
When we read Genesis, we see that God's intention for life on earth was there from the beginning. He is good, and everything He made reflected that. In the beginning Adam and Eve knew their identity and their purpose, because they knew their Creator. When sin entered the picture it marred the perfect image. So with so many opposing viewpoints in our culture today, how do we know where to stand? The Bible makes it clear that man's debate doesn't change God's design.

• God's design for creation - caring for the earth, caring for one another
• God's design for sexuality -  gender roles, homosexuality, heterosexuality, transgender
• God's design for the family - singleness, marriage, divorce, parenting, abortion

Good may have gone bad, but God has a plan to restore His original design: Jesus.

Join us for this fall series, as we address cultural norms with Biblical truth. about the series!Watch messages