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The Gospel of Mark sermon series


The Gospel of Mark – Sermon Series




They were terrified and asked each other,
"Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him!"

  - Mark 4:41





A series about Christ's power for every need.

The gospel of Mark reveals Jesus as the One who saves. He was not the messiah that the world expected, but He was exactly what we needed. Jesus Christ is God's answer to man's greatest need. In this new series we are going through the book of Mark to discover how Jesus has the power to meet every need we encounter.

Week 1: Jesus' Authority over Sin - click to watch
Jesus alone saves.
Mark 1:1-20

Week 2: Jesus' Authority Over Temptation - click to watch
How to face down temptation.
Mark 1:9-13, Matthew 4:1-11

Week 3: Jesus' Authority Over Hell - click to watch
Jesus can free us from Hell and all its torments
Mark 1:21-28, Mark 5:1-20

Week 4: Jesus' Authority Over Disease - click to watch
Complete healing in the voice of Jesus.
Mark 1:29-34, 2:1-12

Week 5: Jesus' Authority to Forgive - click to watch
Jesus offers complete forgiveness for sin.
Mark 2:1-12

Week 6: Jesus' Authority to Change Us - click to watch
Jesus invites us to a new life.
Mark 2:13-17

Week 7: Jesus' Authority Over Our Anxiety - click to watch
Jesus is our rest.
Mark 2:18 - 3:6

Week 8: Jesus' Authority Over Our Calling - click to watch
Working for God.
Mark 3:7-35

Week 9: Jesus' Authority Over The Results - click to watch
Trusting Christ for the end result.
Mark 4:1-34

Week 10: Jesus' Authority Over Crisis - click to watch
Jesus is Lord over every crisis.
Mark 4:35-41

Week 11: Jesus' Authority Over Suffering - click to watch
Believing God for personal deliverance.
Mark 5:21-43

Week 12: Jesus' Authority Over Our Discouragement-click to watch
Astonishing Unbelief
Mark 6:1-13

Week 13: Jesus' Authority Over Every Circumstance-click to watch
Whose plan are you living out?
Mark 6:14-29

Week 14: Jesus' Authority Over Provision-click to watch
Jesus is more than enough.
Mark 6:30-44

Week 15: Jesus' Authority Over Fear-click to watch
When Jesus invites you to walk on water.
Mark 6:45-56

Week 16: Jesus' Authority Over The Heart-click to watch
Only Jesus forgives and makes you clean.
Mark 7:1-23

Week 17: Jesus' Authority Over Prayer-click to watch
When God miraculously answers prayer.
Mark 7:24-30

Week 18: Jesus' Authority Over Rejection and Loneliness-click to watch
The Jesus who can handle and heal the pain of emotional abuse.
Mark 7:31-37 

Week 19: Jesus' Authority Over Religion-click to watch
The Poison of false religion.
Mark 8:1-21

Week 20: Jesus' Authority Over Life's Most Important Questions-click to watch
Where do you stand with Jesus?
Mark 8:22-30

Week 21: Jesus' Authority Over Heaven & Earth-click to watch
When was the last time you were in the presence of Jesus?
Mark 9:2-13

Week 22: Jesus' Authority Over Satan-click to watch
Jesus is greater than the power of hell.
Mark 9:14-23

Week 23: Jesus' Authority Over Addiction-click to watch
Choked off from the life giving work of Christ.
Mark 9:42-50

Week 24: Jesus' Authority Over The Breakup-click to watch
Mark 10:1-12

Week 25: Jesus' Authority Over Treasure-click to watch
Mark 10:17-31

Week 26: Jesus' Authority Over Significance-click to watch
Mark 10:35-45

Week 27: Jesus' Authority In Prayer-click to watch
Mark 14:32-42 about the series!Watch messages