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Joseph: A Boy and His God – Sermon Series




"You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives."

  - Genesis 50:20



 Joseph: A Boy and His God

As a young boy he was caught in the trap of jealous brothers sold, off into slavery, almost certain to disappear forever.  Except he didn't.  Betrayal, seduction, forgotten in the bottom of a dungeon.  All along God was working through a dreamer named Joseph and all along God meant all of it for good.     

April 23: Joseph's Origins - click to watch
God Is greater than your past.
Genesis 37

April 30: Joseph's Call - click to watch
Dreaming God's dreams.
Genesis 37:1-11

May 7: Joseph Sold - click to watch
God wounds before He uses.
Genesis 37:12-36

May 14: Joseph's Success - click to watch
Why God's favor matters.
Genesis 39:1-6

May 21: Joseph's Seduction - click to watch
The cost of purity.
Genesis 39:7-23

May 28: Joseph's Dungeon - click to watch
Man may forget but God never does.
Genesis 40:1-23

June 4: Joseph's Rise - click to watch
The God who redeems.
Genesis 41:41-57

 June 11: Joseph's Favor - click to watch 
The God who is able.
Genesis 41:41-57 

June 18: The Church in Philadelphia (Mickey Aquilino) - click to watch 
The faithful church.
Revelation 3:7-12

June 25: Prepared for the day of trouble (Berto Arroyo) - click to watch
Proverbs 24:10

July 2: Joseph's Authority 
The God who defends.
Genesis 42:1-24 

July 9: Joseph's Forgiveness - click to watch 
The God who tests.
Genesis 42:25-38

July 16: Joseph's Discernment - click to watch
The God of truth and mercy.
Genesis 44

July 23: Jesus Christ came to save Sinners (Mickey Aquilino) - click to watch 
The greatest news in the world.
1 Timothy 1:15

July 30: Joseph's Redemption - click to watch 
What you meant for evil God meant for good.
Genesis 45:1-20

August 6: Joseph's Rescuer - click to watch
The God who is faithful. Who never forgets his promises.
Genesis 46:1-7; 26-30
(please note: audio quality is very low for this recording due to technical issues) 

August 13: Joseph's Final Years
The God who heals, restores, and prospers.
Genesis 47:1-12

August 20: Joseph's Honor - click to watch
How God passes down honor from father to son and daughter.
Genesis 48:1-9

August 27: Joseph's Legacy - click to watch
Finishing well. Why leaving a legacy for God matters.
Genesis 50:15-26 about the series!Watch messages