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Secret Sisters

NEO Secret Sister Project: What is a Secret Sister Project you ask?

Secret Sisters is a fun way to get to know the ladies of NEO Church…especially one! You are secretly paired up and swap unexpected gifts, cards, poems or prayers, encouraging one another until the big reveal. This event will begin June 182017 and concludes at a reveal banquet on September 24, 2017. For more info or to sign up below or go to the NEO Connect Table!

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By completing and signing this questionnaire I promise that I will participate in the
Secret Sister program from June 18, 2017 through to our reveal banquet on
Sunday, September 24, 2017: 12:45 pm (Save the date - subject to change - location TBD)

PARTICIPATION = As a Secret Sister I will:
1. Offer DAILY PRAYER for my Secret Sister
2. I will leave an encouraging note/card weekly or bi-weekly for my Secret Sister
3. I will occasionally (once a month) leave a special gift or blessing for my
Secret Sister
NOTE: If you would like to leave a gift please keep the gifts to a maximum of $10.00 as to
allow everyone to have the means to participate and to keep the giving somewhat fair.
MOST IMPORTANT: If at any time I am no longer able to participate in the Secret Sister
program I will contact the admin ASAP (no questions asked) so you can match my
sister up with someone else.