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The Spiritual H-Bomb – Sermon Series




"When you give to the needy... And when you pray... And when you fast..."

  - Matthew 6



 A series about intimacy with God!

Do you need heaven’s help?  God has provided a means for you to have intimacy with him like you have never known.  Join us each Sunday in January as we study Matthew 6 together.

January 8: Fasting - click to watch 
When God begins to speak He fills you in a way that food can never provide.
Matthew 6:16-18

January 15: Praying - click to watch
When God's people cry out to God, God answers them.
Matthew 6:5-15

January 22: Giving - click to watch
Trusting God's rule and reign over our finances.
Matthew 6:1-4 about the series!Watch messages