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Excuse Me?

Our Current Sunday Morning Series

  • Excuse Me? Part 4

    In the sermon on the mount Jesus treats anger and lust seriously. He states serious consequence to those sins and radical actions toward getting rid of them. What should we do? First, we can’t lower the bar when Jesus raises it! We need to address our heart issues quickly! Second, don’t let things in your heart go ignored. Third, deal with sin at it’s very root, ask God to help you do the hard work of getting rid of it completely. Listen to Pastor Jeremy as we think about how to deal with anger and lust from the heart.

  • Excuse Me? Part 3

    It’s natural to want to hate our enemies, the people who hate us. Jesus commands something completely unique and different: Love. Not only are we to love them but we’re called to pray for them.


    Salvation is free – but it does cost. It cost Jesus everything, and it means that we put His will before our own. A disciple can’t take the Christian life casually. We have to take ownership of our own lives and put Jesus first.

  • Excuse Me? Part 2

    Only Jesus will fulfill you. Only Jesus will give you the kind of bread that means you will never be hungry again.