Neo Church

Individual Messages

These individual messages were not part of a full-length sermon series.

  • All I Want For Thanksgiving

    As we enter into Thanksgiving we remember that Christians should be marked by gratitude.  After all we have to remember that God doesn’t owe us anything. Once we forget thankfulness, we’ll begin to become bitter and resentful. When we remember the amazing gift of salvation, a gift we have not earned, it reminds us that Christians should be the most grateful people.

  • Finding God’s Favor in our new home!

    It’s easy to be excited in the midst of a transition that only lasts for a short while. What will keep us going for the long haul? How do we make sure we don’t get stagnant?

  • Labor Day Message: The Worth of Work

    Do you love your job? Do you hate your job? It’s going to take a change of perspective to realize what our attitude toward work means. Are we working for people’s approval trying to be successful hoping that makes us happy? When our worth is in Christ and not in our job we can find purpose for life. We can work for the Lord not for men.

  • Baptism: It’s about Action

    Baptism – It’s about our identity, It’s about Action! When Jesus talks to his disciples He gives them clear instruction. Make Disciples, and baptize those disciples! This is faithful action for Christians – to follow and obey Jesus no matter what He asks.

  • The Blessings of a Healthy Church

    What is a healthy church? This week we step back and look at where we have been for the past 6 months. A lot has happened and as we look forward to the future we’re asking that God would grow our church and make it one that honors him more and more.

  • Fasting

    The new year is full of goals and resolutions. There are so many things for which we depend upon God. We need supernatural help, we need to run to him. Fasting is voluntarily going without food or any other regularly enjoyed good gift from God for the sake of a spiritual purpose.

  • How to be an Outrageously, Generous Giver

    If you think that the Bible teaches to give 10% and the rest is “for me” than read again. We learn both in the Old and New Testament that giving was often beyond what is commonly taught in the church today. Giving should be sacrificial, joyful, but never a compulsion. God changes our hearts when we focus on Him, and then we give outrageously and generously because of His grace and goodness.

  • “A charge to the next senior pastor”

    This week Pastor Dan preaches his final sermon at NEO and delivers a charge to the next senior pastor of NEO Church, Jeremy Johnson. “Preach the word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage–with great patience and careful instruction.” 2 Timothy 4:2

  • “A Pursuit of Love”

    Have you had a real encounter with the living God? If you have you’ll know that God is deeply, passionately, and madly in love with you. That changes everything about you – inside and out. Look at Luke 15 with us as we consider living life in an amazing way having been pursued by an amazing God.

  • “The Cross Shaped Life”

    What shapes your life? A job, a goal, your kids? Does the cross of Christ shape your life more than anything else? Jesus gave his life for you and He enables every Christian to give their life for Him; A new life that is shaped and molded by the cross. Are you following Jesus, shaped by his image?

  • “Women” Mother’s Day 2018

    God made woman in his image. That is an important message on mother’s day. The world is in short supply of women who are confident and secure in the fact that they were made in God’s own image. That is a revolutionary truth and knowing it will change everything.

  • “Easter 2018” Sermon Video

    Why does Easter matter? Jesus is the risen savior who saves sinners and only he can! That is why Easter matters. We celebrate this truth with baptisms each Easter Sunday!

  • “The Fight for Joy” Sermon Video

    Although this world is full of hardships, it’s possible—and important—to live a life that’s marked by a joy. The Apostle Paul makes much mention of joy and its derivatives throughout his letter to the church at Philippi, and his words help us understand what we can confidently expect as believers. When our joy is rooted in Christ, strengthened in prayer, and united with others in a partnership for the Gospel, we will experience a joy that lasts beyond any circumstance.

  • “Legacy” Sermon Video

    Will 2018 be any different than 2017? If real godly change is going to happen it will only happen if God’s power is behind it. God calls his people to seek him, to fast and to pray. Over the next 21 days we’re going to pursue God and prioritize him. We will ask God to prioritize his will in our lives in the next year.

  • “Broken Windows of the Soul” Sermon Video

    Does your life have broken windows; little places in your life that you’ve neglected, small sins that you don’t think are a big deal? How can we take seriously temptation and sin in our lives? Listen as Dr. Don Lichi shares with us from Proverbs 4:23 and 1 Cor 10:12-13. It begins with attaching deeply and passionately to Jesus and trusting the resources God gives us to guard our hearts above all else.

  • “Jesus Christ came to save Sinners” Sermon Video

    Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners.  This is the greatest news in the entire world.  But it’s not until you realize how bad of a sinner you are that it looks like such great news.  When Paul, the greatest of sinners, was saved it demonstrated God’s grace. That’s why Jesus came and that’s what he offers – salvation for sinners. 

  • “Prepared for the Day of Trouble” Sermon Video

    Are you ready for the day of trouble? Victory might look like it comes in the day of adversity but it’s built in a life of preparation. What does a person need to do in order to prevail in the time of trouble to be shown strong? Follow Berto as he leads us through 5 principles for victory!

  • “The Church in Philadelphia” Sermon Video

    The church in Philadelphia wasn’t big in size but it was big in what really matters: faithfulness. Hear about a faithful church alive with God’s power, founded on Christ the truth, ready for any test that came. Does your faith look like that? It can if it’s built on Jesus.

  • “Two ways to live, two ways to party” Sermon Video

    Proverbs 9 presents two contrasting ways to live. Each of us is daily confronted with opportunities to give our allegiance either to wisdom or to folly, but it is only through a relationship with God and fear of Him that we can embark on the path of wisdom.

  • “Why The Bible Matters” Sermon Video

    Does God really speak? Has he ever spoken to you? In this sermon from 2 Timothy Pastor Dan reminds us that the Bible you hold isn’t words from a man but that it has come from God to earth. It is the word of God which will last forever. Don’t let the world teach you theology, let God teach you theology.

  • “No Other Gospel” Sermon Video

    In this sermon from Galatians 1 guest pastor Mickey Aquilino points us back to the gospel as Paul declares and defends it. The nature of salvation is peace, the source is grace, the means is Christ’s sacrifice the cross. As Paul reminds us anything else isn’t the gospel at all.

  • If Jesus is Savior, Why Evil sermon video

    “Faith in a Fractured World” Sermon Video

    In this individual message guest pastor Mickey Aquilino shares from Revelation 1. He reminds us that in a broken world the suffering Christian needs a view of God’s kingdom. Their only hope is this fractured world is Jesus Christ and his kingdom.

  • Individual Message 12.27.15 sermon video

    “Love People” NEO Church Sermon Video

    In this individual message, Pastor Dan uses the example of Paul and Timothy to illustrate how God wants us to love people and invest in them for Jesus. Add it to your list of resolutions this year!

  • 7.26.15 Fight for the Faith sermon video

    “Fight for The Faith” Sermon Video

    In this individual sermon, guest speaker Pastor Mickey Aquilino talks about how the Church is to fight for the faith, guarding the Gospel within the Church.

  • “Fall 2014 Baptism Service”

    In this baptism service, Pastor Dan addresses Acts 2, explaining Jesus is everything. Several individuals get baptized because they have new life in Jesus!

  • The Waiver

    “The Waiver”

    In this individual message, Pastor Dan talks about the story of Joseph and how it illustrates what God can do with your life when you sign away all your rights to Him.

  • When You Fast featured sermon

    “When You Fast”

    In this sermon Pastor Dan discusses fasting in the Bible, in particular how the Bible does not say “if you fast,” but rather “when you fast.”

  • "Fall 2013 Baptism Service" Sermon Video - NEO Church

    “Fall 2013 Baptism Service”

    In this video of the 2013 Baptism service, several individuals share their testimonies and are baptized in obedience to Jesus’ example.

  • Empty Graves - NEO Church - Sermon Video

    “Empty Graves”

    Mary went to the last place she knew she would find Jesus, the tomb where they had laid his body. She found an empty grave.

  • Dalit Freedom Network - NEO Church

    “Dalit Freedom Network”

    In this message, Pastor Paul Sartarelli talks about the work of Dalit Freedom Network as it responds and prevents human trafficking in India.

  • The Invitation - NEO Church

    “The Invitation”

    In this message, Pastor Mickey Aquilino preaches about the invitation God has extended us through Jesus.

  • Blessings and Curses

    “The Price of Spiritual Passion”

    In this message, Pastor Dan explains that above all else, God wants us to hunger and thirst to know Him. What’s the price of Spiritual passion?