Neo Church

Our House

Our House: A beautiful place to call home. This series is all about NEO Church and it’s core values as a church

  • Our House: “Authentic Community”

    Your relationship with God is meant to be personal but never something private that isn’t shared. We want to have an authentic community where the people of NEO are in purposeful relationships where we can have accountability and real care for one another. It’s how we’ll show the love of God to unbelievers, how we’ll help each other through the difficult times, and how we will keep our faith strong.

  • Our House: “Relevant Environments”

    We want the church to be irresistible. Part of that is creating environments to encourage and equip people to pursue intimacy with God, to build community with insiders, and to gain influence with insiders. This is what Jesus did. He came to build bridges relationally and turn on the lights spiritually. Let’s do the same!

  • Our House: “Relational Evangelism”

    We’re asking God to do something powerful here at NEO. A big part of that is our approach to evangelism. We can’t simply look inwardly we must think about who we are going to reach and how we are going to reach them with the gospel. Invest and Invite – that’s what we want to do with our friends who don’t know Jesus Christ.

  • Our House: “Strategic Service”

    What does that strategic service mean? Applying your heart and your hand to the place of greatest demand. Listen this week as we think about strategic service for God’s glory at NEO Church.