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10 Stories that will change your life. The parables of Jesus.

  • “The 10 Virgins” Sermon Video

    2 sets of people have heard the truth. One lives foolishly. One lives wisely. Some are ready for Jesus return and some are not. God is jealous for you. That your life would be lived radically so that you would live prepared for the return of Jesus. Would you live for that? For the reward of Christ when you meet him?

  • “Heaven vs. Hell” Sermon Video

    You were made to know God, your life is meant to reflect his glory. At the end of your life before God and his holiness what will you find?
    Death is not the end – it’s just the beginning. What comes next is either eternal and unspeakable joy or the unimaginable and terrible fate of hell.

  • “Toxic Truth” Sermon Video

    This parable reminds us that there is a day coming when God will judge. Just like the wheat and the weeds there will be a day of separation: those who are in Jesus and saved, and those who are eternally separated from Jesus in judgment and stand condemned. Christ came to save – believe in him!

  • “Scandalous Love” Sermon Video

    Outside the father’s embrace there is no life. But the wonderful news is that His arms are long enough to welcome and rescue anyone who is lost. This parable gets to the very heart of God and his desire to rescue lost and sinful men and women. Like the young son will you come home to the father’s embrace?

  • “Blowout Party” Sermon Video

    One lost coin and a woman who would go to any end to find it.  A lost world and a Savior who would give his life to save it.  Have you ever been lost? Are you lost right now? The heart of God is not to track you down and say “gotcha”.  God’s desire is to save and rescue. He came for lost people – will you turn to him in lost-ness and receive forgiveness?

  • “Indifference” Sermon Video

    If you belong to Jesus how will you treat your neighbor? For the matter, how will you treat your enemy? This week we look at the Parable of the Good Samaritan and Jesus teaches us about the Christian life.

  • “Undesirable” Sermon Video

    How good do you have to be? The parable of the great banquet shows us that God’s acceptance has nothing to do with how good we are or how bad we are. You cannot be good enough to be accepted by God – ever! So who gets in? Find out in our first parable in this series.