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The Book of Nehemiah

  • The Book of Nehemiah: Conclusion – Sermon Video

    God uses dreamers, men and women of vision. Instead of being satisfied with the way things were Nehemiah had eyes for how things should be. What did it take? An uncommon faith, an uncommon fight, and an uncommon fire. Watch this sermon by Pastor Dan Burgoyne as we finish Nehemiah together.

  • The Book of Nehemiah: Chapter 9 + 10 – Sermon Video

    Some of us need to get honest with God. We don’t have the nearness of God and it’s because we have un-confessed sin separating us from his presence. Confession and repentance lead to life, joy, and rejoicing! When God’s people repent and find God’s forgiveness they turn from death to life.

  • The Book of Nehemiah: Chapter 8+9 – Sermon Video

    Generations of people before Nehemiah and generations of people now are apathetic and their lives are without fruit! Nehemiah however was not a direction-less or passion-less man because he belonged to God and listened to His Word! If you want to have your life count for God then you’re going to have to pay attention to what God says.

  • The Book of Nehemiah: Chapter 7 – Sermon Video

    Nehemiah 7 reveals a man of passion, Nehemiah. What does your life say about you? Are you all in like Nehemiah living passionately for God’s glory? God works in this man’s heart to stir up a single minded devotion for Him.

  • The Book of Nehemiah: Chapter 6 – Sermon Video

    If you are going to do anything in your life that matters for God’s kingdom you will face opposition. This sermon from Nehemiah 6 reminds us that you cannot quit and follow the call of God at the same time. What do you do in the face of opposition?

  • The Book of Nehemiah: Chapter 4 – Sermon Video

    God is able to take opposition and evil and use it for his glory! Opposition leads to opportunity. When you’re opposed will you stop working or will you pray and keep on knowing that God will keep fighting for his fame and glory.

  • The Book of Nehemiah: Chapter 2 – Sermon Video

    If you would care more about God’s kingdom rather than your own stuff can you imagine what would happen. Is that true in your life or Is self in the center? The rebuilding of the wall began when a group of people cared most about the building up of God’s name.

  • The Book of Nehemiah: Chapter 2 – Sermon Video

    Are God’s people willing to pursue God’s will? Ultimately our lives are made for the single aim of bringing glory to Jesus Christ. Even when things looked so dark, so bleak, and so impossible God’s people must depend on the fact that God will intervene. It begins somewhere and in Nehemiah 2 it begins with God’s people desperately calling out to him to restore his glory in their lives.

  • The Book of Nehemiah: Chapter 1 – Sermon Video

    For 140 years the walls were broken. Nehemiah shows us what it looks like to live in a godly way in a broken world. He cared more about God’s glory than anything else. He grieved, fasted, and prayed, and more than anything he pleaded that God would show up and rescue them. In 52 days God did what no man could do, he built up and rescued a broken desperate people.