Neo Church

The Wonder of Christmas

When the Surprise is not what you wanted, but what you needed. Christmas 2017

  • “What’s it mean for me?” Sermon Video

    What does Christmas mean to you? Why are you here? The world tells us that you and I are the result of millions upon billions of chance interactions. We are accidents of an impersonal and infinite universe. The story of Christmas could not be more different. A personal God, who made you in his image, entered our world. He came so you could know him savingly in the person of Jesus – that makes all the difference.

  • “Is God Good?” Sermon Video

    How do you know God is good? How would you know if he cared about your hurt, understood your pain, and wanted to fix your broken world? He would come himself to help you! That’s exactly what he has done. God breaks into our mess in a baby, Emmanuel, God with us. God comes himself – and he brings what you’ve always needed his righteousness.

  • “Does God Care?” Sermon Video

    Have you ever been disappointed with how life has turned out? What do we do when God allows pain and disappointment? This is the story of a woman with sorrows decades in the making. It takes years but her joy finally comes, in God’s time, according to God’s plan.