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The Most Unlikely Christmas Story

  • Christmas Eve Service – Sermon Video

    What does it mean that God sent his son Jesus? It means that God is speaking into the darkness of our world saying; “I see you, I hear you, and I am the one who forgives.” If you want to be me right with God then Jesus coming to earth is the greatest day in history. Jesus is the saving answer of God!

  • A Savior Who Changed the World – Sermon Video

    How is God going to rescue the mess of humanity lost in their sin? At just the right time God sent his son Jesus. Until that happened there was no rest for God’s people. But God sends his best and he comes himself. Jesus Christ’s mission is to save people: do you believe this?

  • The Most Unlikely Christmas Story: Mary’s Answer – Sermon Video

    God knows the mess of our lives, and he sees our need. Right in the middle of all of this he sends his Son, born to a young woman. Humanity’s sin and need is so great that it would take God’s best – himself. How does Mary respond to this plan that complicates everything for her? “I am the Lord’s servant Let it be to me as you have said.”