Neo Church

Vision 2020

Our series to begin 2020

  • Vision 2020 Part 2: “A Model Church Goer”

    What makes a church good or great? It’s the people of course! How then do we as individuals and a group strive to be that kind of church? We need to labor and endure in our work for the gospel. Secondly, we must each play our part. Can you imagine the impact if every person bought in on that?  

  • Vision 2020 Part 1: “Where we’ve been and where we’re going!”

    As we start the new year we want to look back at God’s faithfulness and say thank you. We think back to so many things that God did in 2019. We also want to make sure that we don’t lose momentum going forward! We can’t forget the main things as we move into 2020. We want to live wisely and make the most of every opportunity that God gives us.