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The Effects of Waiting on the Soul

  • Wait: How God works through waiting…

    God’s people find themselves in the desert waiting and whining. This season of waiting has taken them to their breaking point. If complaining wasn’t bad enough now they beg to go back into slavery. Numbers 11 teaches us about trust. God says “Do you trust me?” Just like the Israelites we must rely on God to provide even when we can’t see what he’s doing in between.

  • Wait: How To Get Through the Land of Waiting…

    Waiting is no easy task especially when the destination is not all that clear. No one wants to spend their life waiting but God allows us to go through all sorts of ups and downs in life to take our relationship with Him further. As we wait we have to trust God’s provision and look to him for joy when we recognize that He sees us, He hears us and He’s concerned for us.

  • “Wait: The Effects of Waiting on the Soul

    It’s impossible to make it through life in this broken world without having a season of waiting on the Lord. How do we respond in the middle of it? Why does God allow it? What is God doing in it? Take a look with us for the next 3 weeks as we think about what it means to … Wait.