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NEO Kids

Our children’s ministry at NEO:

We believe one of our greatest purposes as a church is to build a foundation for the next generation to know and glorify Jesus Christ. To do that, we provide a warm, entertaining, and a safe environment with talented and motivated leaders who share the truths of God’s Word.

Children have the opportunity to worship God with music specifically geared to their tastes as 1st to 4th graders. They are then given a message from God’s Word that they can understand and that holds their attention. Skits, technology, small groups, and engaging activities that get them moving are but a few of the strategies we use to make our Sunday lessons impactful and memorable for God’s glory and your child’s good.

When you drop your child off on a Sunday Morning, you can be assured of their safety. All of our leaders are trained, background checked, and actually want to be there. We use an electronic check-in system that makes the process easy and provides a security sticker for your child. If there's a situation that requires us to reach you during service, we will contact you via a text alert.

If you’ve never visited before, feel free to come and meet our leaders and check out our SPLASH environment before or after service. We look forward to meeting you and your children!


Our toddlers get to experience a large play area with a high child to leader ratio.  We seek to teach even our toddlers that Jesus is the treasure of our hearts.

After some time to play with leaders and other toddlers, we provide worship music your toddler can dance and sing to. We then have a short lesson specifically formatted for these youngsters. The lesson always begins with the leader taking God’s Word out of a treasure chest. Then we tell and act out stories from the Bible that are both entertaining and full of biblical, positive messages for little minds.

Your toddler will love his or her time. The only problem you may have is that they may not want to leave!


Our nursery has all the necessities to take care of an infant safely and comfortably. Our leaders love babies, and they have all been background checked. We have a high infant to leader ratio. We never want an infant to be crying or waiting for attention, so we make it our priority and responsibility to have plenty of leaders, toys, and (parent approved) snacks to do everything we can to make for a pleasant experience for you and your little one.