Neo Church

NEO Student Ministry


Our NEO Student Ministry (NSM) at NEO Church is tailored around those transitional years from childhood to teenager. We believe that the middle school and high school years are crucial to prepare students to live for Christ through their whole lives.

To encourage 5th to 12th graders to become passionate followers of Jesus, we allow them to participate in the adult worship experience on Sunday mornings. Since our worship is contemporary and our band has some pretty cool people in it, we want our students to learn from and enjoy them. After worship, all students meet in our NSM room. Here we provide the technology, the environment, and the teaching techniques that engage them as they learn amazing truth from God’s Word.

With an interactive small group approach on Sundays, we provide your 5th-12th grader with the chance to connect with other students and leaders, giving them roots in God's Word, and older Christian role models to learn from.