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Serve in a small group


Small Groups


Small groups are places where we can come together to encourage and be encouraged, where we are equipped as we grow in God’s Word, and where we are challenged to become the hands and feet of Christ!  

Volunteer Areas

  • Co-Leaders– If you are interested in ultimately leading a Bible Study, volunteering to co-lead is a great opportunity to get started and learn from those who coordinate, prepare, and facilitate the small group meetings.
  • Childcare– Oftentimes the only thing that stands between a parent joining a small group is the availability of childcare for that night. If you are willing to assist with childcare during a small group meeting, babysitters will be paid for their time.
  • Host Home – If you're not ready to lead a group, but you're willing to open your home as a meeting place for a NEO Small Group, we can always use a host! Hosts keep a warm and clean atmosphere for small group members, often supplying coffee and coordinating a group snack.


Small groups are offered in three semesters throughout the year: fall, winter/spring, and summer. September, January, and May are great months to volunteer.