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Vision 2020 Part 3: “It’s Time to PREPARE”

  • Scripture: Matthew 16:13-20

  • Speaker: Pastor Jeremy Johnson

  • Date and Time: 01/19/2020


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January 19, 2020
Vision 2020 – Part 3: “It’s Time to PREPARE”



Jesus is building his church! The church: not a building, but the people. That’s so critical that we remember the goal isn’t a building project. This year we want to prepare in a few ways. Prepare a larger space to reach more people, Prepare our systems to serve people as well as we can, Prepare to serve so we’re ready to love people, Prepare our schedules so we’re on time! We want to prepare so we can serve and love Christ well.


Matthew 16:13-20
Acts 2:1-8,  12-13   42-47
Luke 22:19-20


Vision 2020